If you are dealing with the waste on a marae, kura, kōhanga reo, community or non-profit organisation and are keen to reduce your own waste, these resources are available to you for free. Just double click on the image and then download.

For all other organisations please note that the resources below are the intellectual property of Para Kore Marae Incorporated and unauthorised commercial use in any manner is prohibited. If you are being contracted or paid to deliver waste minimisation services and would like to use these resources please contact us. Iwi are our preferred partner and license to use these materials is typically restricted to iwi partnering with us in the delivery of Para Kore. 

Para Kore Information Booklets

Marae Para Kore Information

Kura Para Kore Information

Papakupu Para Kore – Zero Waste Glossary

Recycling Symbols

RONZ Recycling Symbols

Bilingual te reo Māori English Recycling Symbols